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The Marshlanders by Annis Pratt
[Volume One of The Marshlanders Trilogy]
Publication Date: May 25, 2010
Print Pages: 280
Language: English
ISBN: 9781450228909
also available as an ebook


Review by: L. G. Cullens on April 24, 2016

Welcome to a very realistic world of long ago, or could it be a possible future? Either way, realistic people with recognizable behaviors populate this world, playing out a full range of interactions that draw the reader in. In surprising twists and turns the reader encounters vivid interactions spanning the range from affection and alliances to manipulation, intrigue and hostilities. The skillful writing easily elicits reader emotions. 

The central protagonist is Clare, a young girl of eight initially, not always making the best choices in a harsh and biased world. But this isn't only a child's eye or coming-of-age view, as the narrator insightfully paints accompanying characters with an encompassing brush. The writing is also lush in setting, sans distracting verbosity, and where applicable replete with wildlife, all in all giving the reader a sense of relevant intimacy with the storyline. 


No fanciful make-believe here, there is an undercurrent of allegories in the storyline adding to its depth and enhancing its entertainment value. With accomplished wordsmithing and good pacing the author creates a familiar yet far away world in the reader's mind's eye, one easily revisited.

All in all, the author's finger is on the pulse of life, leaving this reader looking only for more pages to turn. Will I read the next volume in this trilogy? Definitely.