Natural World Reflections Poetry

Oil And Water

by L.G.Cullens © 2018

As shadows grow longer at eventide's door
a mirror lake emulates the sunset's trace,
and waterfowl glide with ballerina grace
to Nature's soothing fantasia ashore.

                            As eventide spreads o'er the vale of trial
                            the lake reeds contort in whirlwinds of fates,  
                            and a loon's fervent tremolo resonates,
                            reminiscent of a fictive banshee's wail. 

Above, an osprey wheels and swoops with deftness,
on the hunt to feed its brood before night's lee.
With talons outstretched it ensnares its quarry,
the Pandion fisher's form pure elegance.

                            Above, an osprey wheels, stirring souls to weep,
                            its cheereek cheereek call inconsolable.
                            A clutch of broken egg shells relatable
                            to a fell consequence of poisoned deceit.

Beyond, bison's proxy poise on the prairie,
revealing the rightness of our blue planet.
Old-world beasts picturesque in afforded billet,
speak to caring for life's bountiful glory.

                            Beyond, gone bison's once thundering presence, 
                            numberless denizens slaughtered in base greed.
                            So too the prairie plowed under for our seed,
                            now monocroped -cided wasteland of absence.

Lands apart, the trumpet of an elephant.
A matriarch warning, beware her fury
should any harbor harm to her family.
Nature's conveyance succinct and eloquent.

                           Lands apart, an elephant's teardrops glisten,
                           trembling and trumpeting at the savagery,
                           in coming on a killing sans ivory.
                           Hyenas scenting profit, watch and listen.

Birds, bees, and blossoms spawning, a paragon
of boundless beauty and bounty in our lives.
Nature a bricolage of restoratives,
with countless variety hither and yon.

                            Birds, bees, and flora diversity ebbing,
                            victims of a quickly evolving pantry.
                            A gift of consequence for our progeny,
                            with reason's province present desiring.

Hearken in the wilds to the wolves' awing choir.
Their silken fur warming and their teeth stained red,
stirring our souls with admiration and dread.
To be alpha over all our prime desire.

                            The keystone predators of Earth on their knees,
                            leaving dying forest and coral decay
                            in a consuming cascade of rampant prey.
                            Nature preserved in stale documentaries.

Distant snow caped mountains striking and stalwart
define our horizons and feeling of place.
White altars ever seeking heaven's embrace,
cradling life's fragility in their bulwark.

                            Distant mountains with foretelling snow cap melt,
                            shrinking the elusive wolverine's quarters,
                            and waxing seas for waning marine creatures,
                            nearing what the Paleocene epoch dealt.

              Sashaying along the streets of Pompeii,
              our steadfast way naïve to natural sway.
              Oil and water seething at every crossway.

              Nature cares naught of considered right or wrong,
              only adaptive changes in moving on.

              Oil and water.