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This is an exemplary poem from Jennifer Christie Temple's book Magic Of Life. A review of her book of poetry is in the reviews section. 

Ode To Winter

by Jennifer Christie Temple 2015

Kindly Winter, mother of life, 
protector in Death’s shadow, 
holds life’s potential safe from strife, 
as all around lays fallow.

Though oft misnamed as time of death, 
or as a waste portrayed,
Winter is holder of life’s breath, 
a gentle, pregnant maid.

When Earth is gripped by icy blast
and all around seems dead, 
within your warm heart you hold fast
to life’s unconscious thread.

Wild child of Spring leaps forth, replete, 
out of this icebound tomb
but all the budding push of life
was harboured in your womb.

As new beginnings seize the day, 
you fade and are forgotten. 
For youths care not about the ways
of mothers that begot them.

And as the year turns and matures, 
made fecund by the sun; 
the sultry atmosphere’s allure
tempts all to act as one.

Hot summer’s flush of radiance, 
pure beauty in its prime; 
season of sexual dalliance, 
now exalted and sublime.

Too soon the heady days must wane, 
leave life to count the cost
of lazy, careless love, profane, 
now paid in innocence lost.

Season of mellow fruitfulness, 
Autumn, you carry death! 
Bloated by age and fulsomeness, 
you sigh out life’s last breath.

But Winter catches and holds fast
ephemeral life-force
and safe within her wombs of snow
she will nurture nature’s source.