Natural World Reflections Poetry

A poem written by a friend (a writer's writer) who authored the book ‘A Read for the Train.’
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The wild is with us, here and now.

by Oliver Buckle 2018

Beguiled by acquisition and possession
Some pay scant attention to impression.
It’s with distaste they greet the wind and rain
That penetrate the city street, it is a pain
Having to erect one’s umbrella once again.

Forgetting nature’s boon for civilised delights
It no longer is the moon that lights the nights.
The storm tears wild seas to shreds of spume,
But warm they do not freeze, in beds, in rooms,
Emerging in the morning fresh and groomed.

Dancing to a jangled rhythm without melody,
Surrounded by a natural world they fail to see,
Thinking their cleverness has made them free.
I would rather ragged claws were stuffing maws
Than be bagged in leaden boxes under floors.

Cloistered knaves, they will not resurrect
No matter what the miracles they expect,
For life is now, and not eternal
And it is they that are infernal.