Natural World Reflections Poetry

I mostly write prose, but this is a little poem I adapted from a Dakota-Sioux legend heard in my youth. 

Lakota Rose

by L.G.Cullens 2015-2018

Long, long ago, when our world was newly known, 
the prairie's vast grass and sage mantle was bland. 
Mother Earth grieved her robe's lack of vibrant tone,
her heart knowing color aplenty was grand. 

The Wind Demon's unrelenting fierce ire
allowed only those surviving his helm
of icy confine and fanned fire
to purchase lasting footholds in his realm. 

A skillful sorceress bent on new clothes, 
in a demonic male joust worth her wile, 
Mother Earth conjured the wild prairie rose, 
a tenacious winsomeness of keen guile.

As Wind Demon bore down a sweet fragrance wooed, 
eliciting desire for wild prairie rose. 
The grasses and sage captivated all cooed, 
protecting the slight beauty in interpose. 

Yea even Wind Demon succumbed to the balm
allowing other comely blossoms to morph. 
And lo pink flowers to entice, blue to calm, 
yellow to warm, and white to accent sprang forth. 

Mother Earth's mantle now a marvel to please,
she promenades about for all to admire,
and Wind Demon sighs sweet nothings on the breeze
whispering to Lakota Rose with desire.