L. G. Cullens Art Sampler

Lifelong interests of L. G. Cullens included woodworking and art until around the year 2000. Following is a sampling of how those interests took shape. 

Celtic Treasure Chest
(18” x 10” x 14”) 
Marquetry work with hand carved embellishment and gold seams.  
Main box is birds-eye maple.  Retained in the family.

Serious Play 
(coffee table sized) 
Wolves carved from white birch, terrain from cherry and base is tiger maple. 
In a private collection.

Tree Box 
(7” x 19” x 7”) 
Marquetry work on walnut box
Done as a personal container for a wood samples collection.

Whimsical carving 
(approx 12” high) 
Done for a Public Television fundraiser.

Puzzle Box 
(12” x 14” x 6”) 
Tiger segments shaped from various natural woods
(black is stained basswood – not ebony), 
background is padauk and box is tiger maple. 
A commission.

Men's accessory box
(approx. 14" x 12" x 4")
A commission

Celtic Dragons
(approx. 16" wide)
A marquetry work the wife
claimed for a wall hanging.

Tortoise Box 
(approx 16” wide) 
A gift to friends on their 50th anniversary.

Portrait Bust 
(approx. 14” high) 
A practice carving of and for a friend's daughter.

Southwest Jewelry Box
(16" x 12" x 12")
Walnut and maple box with inlaid folding cover.
Created for my wife.

Sacred Family 
(approx. 24" wide)
Whales carved from white birch, base from tiger maple. 
In a private collection.

Accessory boxes
(8" x 4" x 1")
Created in many different woods and styles.
A bread and butter item.

(approx. 11" high)
Created for my wife out of natural woods.

An early diorama
(approx. 16" wide)
can't recall disposition

Decorative dried flower box
(approx. 6" x 6" x 5")
Built playing around, then sold.

(approx. 18" base)
Early work donated to Forest Society

Rolltop Oak chest
(approx. 36" x 18" x 30")
A commission.