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Living In The Event Horizon Of A Big Mud Hole by Robert Zwilling
Publication Date: Feb. 16, 2012
Print Pages: 139
Language: English

Review by: L. G. Cullens on May 10, 2016

Weird title you think? Actually it's very apt as one discovers in digesting this book, and I do mean digesting as this is a collection that is best consumed one bite at a time to experience all it offers to the mind's palate. Beyond the universe spanning subject matter, the odd turns of phrase the author uses add depth and colorful imagery to the writing. There is even an annotated Table of Contents so the reader may better select from the menu.

At times the reader may be highly amused, and at the other pole maybe angered by either what the author says or portrays. To me both feelings sometimes occurred hand in hand. To the collection's credit I didn't find the writing provocatively black and white, being that ambiguity of life is an aspect of the authors words. Something else I didn't find was bland filler text, but there is overlap as all things are connected.

With the breadth of subject matter, the readability of the quirky poetic style, the sprinkled humor, and the insightful takes, I found this collection a treasure chest. There's more than enough material for most any reader to discover the gems that tickle their fancy.

I believe strongly in Edwin Schlossberg's words, that "The skill of writing is to create a context in which other people can think.” This collection fully honors that ideal in a world awash in ho-hum content, and it does so in an entertaining manner. Pull up a chair and live a little.