Natural World Reflections Poetry

Some more of my [non]poetry. It doesn't take the course you might imagine.


by L.G.Cullens 2016

Climate change an arm's length genteelism
A familiar rose by any other name
We're topsy-turvy in bitter disagreement
Pollinators leaving Dodge toes up
There used to be many more birds
The vast mono-crops we cultivate
Isolating diversity with pleasing aesthetics
Flourishing with gene-spliced immunity
Agrochemicals an important profit stream
Nitrates we use dissipate in the oceans
Like the vast islands of flotsam
Marine life diminishing in ignorance
The Green Revolution a rose variety
A contradiction with pests adapting
Evolving resistant life forms to study
Commercial research spurs job growth
Bewildering conundrums of the century
Sating the billions for material gain
Laudable what we've done for humanity
Untold tons of insecticides on our lawns
Malevolence turned back on ours
Pure hubris we're in charge
Where have all the birds gone
Deer and antelope on the prairie
Amusing sport and pest control jobs
Fossil fuel plea bargaining with public
Ballooning cancer rates worrisome
More trying to outrun the perils
Good exercise and good for the economy
Healthcare up to eighteen percent of GDP
Infrastructure expansion altering ecology
Paving over worthless land increases jobs
Tidies up Nature's blight for profit
Our advancement truly awe inspiring
Footprint on over eighty percent of Earth
So much material gain to trickle down
Reveals why there's never enough
The harder we work the greater the costs
What's Joe Schmo to do to get ahead
Fighting rampant drug abuse a pacifier
Promoting corporate magic pill use
Adjusting societal morals as we go
Materialism inculcated or natural
How many layers in societal pyramid
A parasitical model fueled by wannabes
Intelligence a self-serving concept
Regurgitation of popular dogma
Alienation common in breaking the mold
All aspects of the human condition
Or the natural order run amok
Our latent potential for awareness upgrade
Exemplified by our byzantine smart devices
Far from a cure in this lifetime maybe
Postulations of evolution's direction
Ever greater consciousness speculated
There must be evidence to work with
Maybe we're an abortive evolutionary trial
Maybe consciousness increases in our progeny
Maybe our thinking hindering our aim
Maybe maybe maybe deal with it tomorrow